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Is your work-chair slowly killing you?

Does your job mean you spend long periods of time sitting at a desk.

We live in an age whereby, because of technology, people are sitting for longer (or as some experts say, we are experiencing the similar health effects of smoking).

Alarm goes off – arrive into work – Sit for approx..7/8 hours – go home – eat dinner/tea – sit down for the night. Ok, not everybody does this as many have families to look after / do their own form of training etc. but I bet there’s becoming a vast amount of people that fall into this lifestyle (or a falling into this lifestyle without realising).

If an employee has a genuine medical issue with their back, any good company will do as much as practically possible to accommodate to make their time in work as comfortable as possible.

A large majority of employees (and people in general) that sit for long periods of time and not exercising are going to experience back pain (in particular, lower back pain). The muscle mass we need to support our back/lower b…