New Workout Channel

Welcome to my new workout channel.

💥 30 minute workout suitable for ages 18 - 80 💥

Perfect way to improve posture, strengthen your core, burn calories, build muscle, tone up & feel good.

Before starting ensure you have a bottle of water close to you.

 This video targets all your muscles and includes: 💥 WARM UP CARDIO 💥 STRETCHING 💥 CORE STRENGTHENING 💥 SIT UPS 💥 PRESS UPS 💥 KICKBOXING / SQUATS 💥 WARM DOWN

The 30 minute workout is tried & tested through years of training and learning. Do subscribe to my PecsFactor Youtube channel.

Remember - Seek medical advice before embarking on any high intensity fitness programme.

Is your work-chair slowly killing you?

Does your job mean you spend long periods of time sitting at a desk.

We live in an age whereby, because of technology, people are sitting for longer (or as some experts say, we are experiencing the similar health effects of smoking).

Alarm goes off – arrive into work – Sit for approx..7/8 hours – go home – eat dinner/tea – sit down for the night. Ok, not everybody does this as many have families to look after / do their own form of training etc. but I bet there’s becoming a vast amount of people that fall into this lifestyle (or a falling into this lifestyle without realising).

If an employee has a genuine medical issue with their back, any good company will do as much as practically possible to accommodate to make their time in work as comfortable as possible.

A large majority of employees (and people in general) that sit for long periods of time and not exercising are going to experience back pain (in particular, lower back pain). The muscle mass we need to support our back/lower b…

Exercising Early Morning

Training sessions i'm running at work

5 mornings. 7.30am starts. Employees put through their paces before starting work! We do 30 minute sessions of cardio / Stretching / Kickboxing Techniques / Kickboxing Cardio / Kicked Pads / Core Strengthening / Cooling Down.

For some it was tough...But they were in the Work Campus Fitness Suite the following morning..And all week!

They didn't complain. They came out of their comfort zone. They all put in a tough 30 minutes and they all agreed it made their work-day more productive and enjoyable.

I'm running this Monday - Friday throughout July from 7.30am - 8.00am. Quite a number of employees have signed up for this coming week (with some signed up for the full month).

This week I have something special planned that will take employees completely out of their comfort zone and throw in a few tips on how to physically push further than you believe you can.

When you receive feedback saying "The best exercising I have ever done&quo…

Achieving your goals!

"Sparring against a twice ISKA Kickboxing World Champion"! "Sparring against European and Irish Kickboxing Champions"! "Five hundred press-ups and sit-ups a day"! "Fitting in five hours training a day when working full time"! I never thought for one second the above would become achievable..especially at 50 years old! My below story became my obsession. I set myself a goal. A Black Belt in a Martial Art or nothing! I envisioned the day I earned the highest belt achievable in Martial Arts and made this my goal. I took my eye off the ball towards the end..but I got back on track. We all have goals and dreams and we can all take our eye off the ball (hey, we're human) but only you, can get back on track! So why am I publishing it. I was contacted through a friend to submit my journey to a local online media outlet. 'It may help others' I was told. Decide for yourself.  Here is my story. A number of years ago, after passing my 40th birt…

Setting the bar....and why we fail !


We all do it. We all set personal targets...and we fail. Why? Because we are human beings and it's built into us to achieve. What we do though is set targets or goals and expect immediate results. If we don't see change in one week what do we do? We 'throw our dummy out of the pram'! and give in...wrong approach guys.

If you are twenty stone (only using this as an example), and decide, "That's it. I'm going to hit my target weight of twelve stone" work hard, hitting the road, gym, diet etc. and a week later you jump on the scales, no change...You look in the mirror, no're not hearing the "OMG, you look amazing. What are you doing" compliments, what do most people do? They give up. They withdraw into themselves. They make the excuses "Well I did try"...Bullsh*t!! Excuses Excuses!!
So, who does this Jimmy think he is to give this advice? What does he know? Well, i've been there. I se…

Social Media Posts

Bullying and how young people are overcoming this social nightmare  by taking up Martial Arts. By them walking through the door is their first step to being a bigger person than the bully!

Fitness Challenge

30 Day Challenge..Join me!
The challenge costs no gym expense or membership and no fancy equipment. My challenge uses 3 kitchen chairs only. I do my challenge on a stone floor or on my decking so a small mat is also usefull..That's it!

To prepare for your excecise routine place 2 of the chairs side by side approx your shoulder-width apart. Place the 3rd chair back  at a distance for your feet to rest on comfortable when you take up the press-up position.

Here is my monthly challenge: 5 minute warm up and stretching. 25 x Press-Ups. Push the press-up to as low as you can go and feel the pressure in your chest, biceps and shoulders.25 x Arm presses/dips - sit between your 2 chairs and using your arms, dip/lower yourself down and up ensuring your arms come back to the straight/locked position. As you start your repititions you may be able to dip lower and really excercise your chest and triceps (back of your arms). 25 x Sit up's (lay on your back with your knees slightly bent). Do the s…