New Workout Channel

Welcome to my new workout channel.

šŸ’„ 30 minute workout suitable for ages 18 - 80 šŸ’„

Perfect way to improve posture, strengthen your core, burn calories, build muscle, tone up & feel good.

Before starting ensure you have a bottle of water close to you.


 This video targets all your muscles and includes: šŸ’„ WARM UP CARDIO šŸ’„ STRETCHING šŸ’„ CORE STRENGTHENING šŸ’„ SIT UPS šŸ’„ PRESS UPS šŸ’„ KICKBOXING / SQUATS šŸ’„ WARM DOWN

The 30 minute workout is tried & tested through years of training and learning. Do subscribe to my PecsFactor Youtube channel.

Remember - Seek medical advice before embarking on any high intensity fitness programme.



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