Setting the bar....and why we fail !


We all do it. We all set personal targets...and we fail. Why? Because we are human beings and it's built into us to achieve. What we do though is set targets or goals and expect immediate results. If we don't see change in one week what do we do? We 'throw our dummy out of the pram'! and give in...wrong approach guys.

If you are twenty stone (only using this as an example), and decide, "That's it. I'm going to hit my target weight of twelve stone" work hard, hitting the road, gym, diet etc. and a week later you jump on the scales, no change...You look in the mirror, no're not hearing the "OMG, you look amazing. What are you doing" compliments, what do most people do? They give up. They withdraw into themselves. They make the excuses "Well I did try"...Bullsh*t!! Excuses Excuses!!

So, who does this Jimmy think he is to give this advice? What does he know? Well, i've been there. I set the target. I had a goal in my head. It took nine years to achieve my goal. The way I achieved it (though tough, both mentally and physically) was achieved by doing something very simple that very few people are aware of!

Setting Goals!

It's very simple. Set youself a goal. If you want to lose weight you are not going to lose eight stone in a week. Get this into your head straight away! Get your mindset right! When you have your head around this, start your journey. Losing eight stone is a long journey but only you can take the first step to the end-goal. 

How do you do it? This is where so many fail..To get to the end of that big step, you take baby steps. What do I mean. You set yourself mini-targets in your head to reach your overall goal. Plan something four months away. It may be something as simple as a weekend away. You're heading away and for the first time in a long time you can visualise yourself in clothes that you are not hiding behind! Make that your 'mini long-term goal'. Four months is sixteen weeks. Feels like forever. So you break it down again to a night out in four weeks time. This has now removed a lot of phsycology and reasons to fail and now gives you a short-term focus. Now it is up to you to push yourself for that four weeks. If you are out with people you know, push yourself to feel your best. If you receive compliments this is a massive confidence booster that will help push you towards your end-goal.

Stay Focused!

Continue to set mini-goals (try doing them fortnightly). Visualise what you will wear. This is so important to reaching your end goal!!
If you fall off the road on your journey, reflect, take stock and get back on the road quickly. Never ever make excuses. There are many out there that want you to reach your goal...but there are also people out there that want you to fail! You will encounter them on your journey but you must rise above the negativity. If you don't, they will pull you down!

Set your goal! Stay focused!!
Set mini-targets! Stay focused!!
Set mini long-term goals! Stay focused!!
Rule out negativity! Stay focused!!
Only YOU can reach your goal! Stay focused!!


  1. Tried everything and this is so true. Take small steps and you will get there.


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