Fitness Challenge

30 Day Challenge..Join me!

The challenge costs no gym expense or membership and no fancy equipment.
My challenge uses 3 kitchen chairs only. I do my challenge on a stone floor or on my decking so a small mat is also usefull..That's it!

To prepare for your excecise routine place 2 of the chairs side by side approx your shoulder-width apart. Place the 3rd chair back  at a distance for your feet to rest on comfortable when you take up the press-up position.

Here is my monthly challenge:
  • 5 minute warm up and stretching.
  • 25 x Press-Ups. Push the press-up to as low as you can go and feel the pressure in your chest, biceps and shoulders.
  • 25 x Arm presses/dips - sit between your 2 chairs and using your arms, dip/lower yourself down and up ensuring your arms come back to the straight/locked position. As you start your repititions you may be able to dip lower and really excercise your chest and triceps (back of your arms).
  • 25 x Sit up's (lay on your back with your knees slightly bent). Do the sit up by touching your knees with your wrists.
This has to be done 3 times with a 30 second break between each cycle.
The challenge has to be carried out every evening with 1 day off (my day off is Sundays).
The challenge takes approx 20 minutes.

If you complete the 30 day challenge try doing another 30 day challenge as above but a 4 cycle as opposed to 3!!
If you would like hints or tips or just feel you need a bit of encouragement please feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you.

There's only one person can change the way
you look and feel....YOU!