Exercising Early Morning

Training sessions i'm running at work

5 mornings. 7.30am starts. Employees put through their paces before starting work! We do 30 minute sessions of cardio / Stretching / Kickboxing Techniques / Kickboxing Cardio / Kicked Pads / Core Strengthening / Cooling Down.

For some it was tough...But they were in the Work Campus Fitness Suite the following morning..And all week!

They didn't complain. They came out of their comfort zone. They all put in a tough 30 minutes and they all agreed it made their work-day more productive and enjoyable.

I'm running this Monday - Friday throughout July from 7.30am - 8.00am. Quite a number of employees have signed up for this coming week (with some signed up for the full month).

This week I have something special planned that will take employees completely out of their comfort zone and throw in a few tips on how to physically push further than you believe you can.

When you receive feedback saying "The best exercising I have ever done" and "I attend a number of fitness training classes & boot-camps and Jimmy's standard is right up there with them" then you're doing something right.

It's a fact, exercising before work makes you more energised and productive. Exercising also creates an endorphin rush...our happy drug! What better way to start the day 💪👍


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