Fitness Instructor available for group training

Slots available for Corporate / Private / Community group training sessions.

Exercising together is about training in a non-judgemental and respectful atmosphere where the theme is instilling confidence whilst supporting and encouraging each other. It's a way of bringing people together, no matter what their body type or ability, with one common goal...To improve their physical & mental Health & Wellness! We do this together!

Classes are facilitated by Jimmy McCarthy, Martial Arts Black-belt, Qualified Fitness Instructor & Qualified Personal Trainer. As well as 15+ years Martial Arts training I also co-instruct and mentor both adults & children with two weight Kickboxing World Champion and professional MMA fighter, Tommy 'The Ghost' McCafferty.

Take two minutes to read below feedback.

➡️ ‘Life-changing steps that have made a difference to my physical and mental wellbeing’

➡️ ‘You have definatly taken my fitness levels to a new level’

➡️ ‘Helping and encouraging me to get involved / part of my life habit’

➡️ ‘Jimmy is a brilliant instructor, gives clear instructions on all exercises and takes into account all levels of fitness. Lovely atmosphere, everyone got on so well’.

➡️ ‘I felt the sessions were really motivating and made lot of difference to adapt to positive attitude. Thanks for all the push and you are the coolest trainer I have ever met’.

Recent project includes introducing early morning 'Wake up & Work Out' fitness classes on a 1000 employee campus, Letterkenny. 

If you would like further information please contact Jimmy McCarthy:

Mobile: 086 7766611



  1. Jimmy,

    A great understanding. I would become so anxious about exercising with other people. You have removed this. I actually went to a gym last week for the very first time thanks to you.



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